Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Back to crossfit and always hungry

I went back to CFB for the first time on Monday and lets just say I can feel it. I have to admit that I almost didn't go because of what the WOD was. But I manned up And went. And left good about it.

The work out was
Strength - 3x8 front squats 80lbs
3 rounds (15 min cap )
100 double unders
20 shoulder to overhead (53lbs)
15 toes to bar

I made. It through 1 round and 100 ish jump attempts. So I was expectedly slow and obviously pushed myself well since I'm still sore. So good even though I cussed my way through it because double under attempts are really hard to count. So I have no idea if I actually did 100 attempts or not. Which is annoying for the type A in me. But I'll manage.

On a side note the crossfit open work out is being announced tonight. I'm a little scared because last years first one was 9 min of burpees... Oh yeh killer

On a slightly related topic. Paleo this week is going well.. But I'm really really hungry today and really tired. I'm hoping the vending machine has cashews or something. Probably doesn't help that I'm just really tired... But whatever... Healthy munching here I come.

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