Friday, March 22, 2013

Great way to start the morning

Ok, I'm being a little fasicous but at the same time I feel really good for getting up and going to crossfit.

Today's workout was Games workout 13.3 - which for those crossfitters out there was the same as 12.4.  I did not do 12.4 so it was news to me.   The video gives you an idea of what was involved.

So I woke up at the usual time for 6am WODing.  5:15.  Which really is turning into not that bad cause I get almost everything ready the night before.  The one mistake I made was having buffalo chicken paleo jerky for my pre WOD snack.  I felt that about 30 wall balls in.  And made my way to crossfit boston.

I think I've said this before but I really like the AM crowd.  There is no ego and we just had fun.  Doing wall balls.  OUTSIDE.  Yes it was cold.  

I opted to go first.  Get er done quick.  And made it throw 113 wall balls in 12 min.  Not too shabby since wall balls knock the wind out of you quick.  I also did it with a 10lb ball instead of the prescribed 14lbs cause I wanted to be able to use my arms today.  You know could be good.

And for those that think that is bad ass...its not.
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