Monday, March 11, 2013

how'd i do....week 3

Today marked the 4th week of the paleo challenge at the gym.  Its actually weird to me that its only been 3 weeks.  Cause it feels like longer.  Maybe because I was sort of in the I'll do paleo mind set for awhile but never fully committed   Who knows but it feels longer... but on a bright side its about half way over from the gym perspective.  Noticing a shift in my feeling makes me realize there are certain things that I will NEVER add back (well maybe not never) but in very infrequent doses.

All that being said How'd I do this week?  I am actually really proud cause I did awesome....sorry to toot my horn there but I did.  There was one day of peanut exposure because I was so munchie I had to get trail mix from the vending machine.  And for whatever reason almost every trail mix on the planet has annouying, especially for someone who love the sweet and salty mix from planters.

Moving on.  The only major things was one can of diet coke....which is one of those things I can see myself adding back because I like the taste and sometimes you want something stronger then seltzer or water.  And white potato.  So go me.

I also had my first experience of saying I was gluten free at a restaurant this weekend.  And it was easy.  I think the trick will be stick to more chain big name restaurants for ease.  Because gluten intolerance is becoming so prevalent most big restaurants will have something on the menu.  Also you just have to ask.  And no be a jerk about it.  Which i'm not, I just approach it like I'm trying to find something on the menu to eat.  Fortunately I'm not a super picky eater to boot.

The one thing I'm really looking forward to the end of the challenge though is to be able to try these.  PALEO TREAT
HOLY CRAP they look good.  But I'm not even ordering them until I get done.

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