Wednesday, March 20, 2013

My personal GOAT

Ok, so referring to something that is difficult as a goat may be just a crossfit thing.  But that is what I am talking about.  And my personal goat is definitely double-unders.
For those that don't have a clue what I'm talking about I've included a video.

But basically, double unders make me their bitch on a regular basis.  The progress is slow, but I've been trying to not avoid the WODS that have them cause otherwise I will always be their bitch.

Most recently I got smack downed yesterday.  It had the potential to be a fun WOD...minus the, what felt like 1/2 million, double unders.

It was
55% front squat (I did 75lbs)
double unders X10 (in other words... 100,80, 60, 40, 20)

So when I saw that I actually started to laugh, because I knew from the wod a week or two ago that 100 double under attempts would probably take me 5 minutes in it self.  And the max time was 17 min.   But I just smiled and said OK.  While the coach reminded me to count attempts.  After about 3 min of the WOD he yelled over and asked what I was on....35 I yelled back.  He told me to multiply times 5.  And I had an internal chuckle...because I felt like I should say... TOLD YOU!.  But I mustered through.  And actually made it through the 6 round, which isn't bad.  My shoulders were smoked after that.  And managed to string a few together...not consecutively but not getting caught by the rope and doing singles in between.  So they are coming.

The interesting lesson I've learned is this skill is almost a reflection of how to take on life.  Because if you tense up..which I have a tendency to do in a lot of arenas it ain't gonna happen.  But if you chill out and just swing it comes.  Its a very zen technique so I think I will like them, when I finally learn to chill the heck out. 

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