Monday, March 4, 2013

Paleo week 2 in retrospective

The paleo challenge is going pretty well.  I'm learning a great deal about what I need to do to eat healthy and clean and places that I trip up easily.  The only major fail I had Monday through Friday was I incorporated corn into a few things and didn't cue into the problem until after I'd eaten the stir fry three times.  Oops. My bad.  Its hard to remember corn isn't actually a vegetable.  Its a grain.  But today's culture has us so attuned to the corn veggie theory its hard to remember its wrong.

The second thing I realized is I need to figure out how to be better on the weekend.  Or while eating out.  So Monday through Friday are pretty easy cause I get up, make breakfast in my own kitchen, pack my lunch, and snacks, work, eat dinner at home and go about the rest of my night.

The weekend on the other hand is a completely different schedule.  I mean I get up later therefore breakfast is later which isn't bad but then if I'm out running errands or having fun how do you pick up something in a flash.  Saturday was a typical problem with that.  I had plans to run some errands then go play disc golf in Easton.  The problem arose that the errands took longer so I didn't want to stop at the grocery store for what was the plan of sliced turkey....I'd packed some veggies from home.  So I picked up a protein box from Starbucks.  Which in actuality isn't too bad but not perfect paleo by any stretch.

Sunday on the other hand went a bit more a rye.  I met a friend after church for lunch.  Which theoretically isn't a problem.  We got Bento Boxes, but I was so hungry that saying no to the noodles and rice didn't happen.  I knew I shouldn't but I sort of just didn't feel like it. And then we got cupcakes.  So pretty big fail for that day.  So this weeks goal will be to figure out ways that I'm comfortable going out with friends and still sticking to the paleo.  Cause I really like how I feel while doing it so I want to figure out what works for me.  And how to feel successful while doing, while also not driving myself nuts.

Hopefully the paleo moderator from the box will offer some helpful hits.

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