Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Less than Desirable

The last few days have been sort of tough.  I knew when i was going back to the gym that I wanted to talk to someone about training because the sensations were so weird. So it was good to get to talk to a PT at MGH the other day.  But the unfortunate part is the fact that i'm basically completely impatient.  She said that everything I was doing was good. Go slow, not too much stretching, work on cardio and core.  So thats easy enough.  But at the same time she said it can take up to a year to feel normal.  God I hope not.  I mean I really want to get back to being a bad ass sooner then that.  And now that i have to see this commercial regularly

Its not helping...not at all.  I am still being good but I just want to feel normal again.  God damn it.'

Second less desirable.  Grad school update
Western Carolina - NO
so just waiting to hear from Georgia state...but i'm not expecting anything.  I mean i try not to think that my potential career is just not happening.  But its not looking good.  At this point I just want to be able to close that chapter and move on. So come on GSU....give it to me.  And incase you were wondering I'm not expecting to get off the waitlist at MGIHS.  So whatever. Maybe i'll move to new zealand and heard sheep.  I know someone out there would agree with me. :)

The only good thing is that i got my midterm back.  And did really well.  Go figure.  I really just want that to be over. But i have to be done by the 19th of march so its almost done.  I have the final scheduled so i just have to go and type my brains out.  I might not even study.  Its not like it matters at the moment.  

Off to have some Peanutbutter cup icecream and go to bed. 

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