Saturday, May 5, 2012

Happy birthday morfie

Yesterday was my grandfathers 98th birthday. Pretty impressive. I think so. I think about what the last year has brought and realize its even more impressive considering last november he was in the icu. I mean he was in the hospital for about three weeks before I had my surgery. Including a stay in the icu. Getting an art line put in and a 2 wks stay in rehab. He actually came home from the hospital the same day I did. On dec 9th. And even after that he spent a few more days in the hospital during feb because they couldn't rise him from the theater. So it clearly been a very interesting an eventful year. But he is 98 and seems to be having a grand ole weekend of fun.

My aunt and uncle are in for two days from California. So yesterday o his official birthday we went to a Japanese steak house in Cambridge. One of those places with the big grills that they light on fire and stuff. Which of course was totally fun. My brother mentioned he though we had the same cook as the last time we went. Which was for his birthday last sept. But it was really fun.

The one thing I noticed with the healing is in social things I get so tired. We got home at about 830 and by 930 I was in bed cause I was beeeet.

And we had more festivities that were to come today.

More on that later

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