Sunday, May 6, 2012

Fun day Sunday

Today was a good day. Ironically the autocorrect just corrected good as food and it was quite the foodie day.

It started pretty normal with what is becoming the normal am nausea. Woohoo

But it did go away and I went to meet s and p in the south end.

Today's adventure took us to the SOWA street fair and farms market. Also known as food truck heaven... Or more like known to me as food truck heaven.

I met up with S and P outside their place and we walked over. It was way way cool. Of course epic fail in the picture department. I have to work on that. They had a nice farmers market and craft stalls. I saw these. Cool headbands but didn't get one since I don't know how I'll feel about headbands yet.

And I had the most amazing grilled cheese sandwich with pulled pork. Holy yum. And a cookie dough cupcake from kickass cupcakes. Like I said food ie central. We also walked around a bit and then headed home.

I spent the rest of the day relaxing and watching dr Quinn medicine women. Yay, all in all a good day

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