Wednesday, May 30, 2012


Today is appointment day. So of course I'm sitting in a waiting room craving peanut butter. Thank god mgh had a cafeteria. So I can actually get some before I go back to work for 5 minutes, and then head to my other appointment at Brigham newton corner. To get the long awaited halter monitor results. I have to see the cardiologist and of course I wanted to get in there right away. I mean it's my heart... So yeh. Kind of important. Of course speaking of hearts I'm sitting here having a major adrenaline rush do my pulse is in my ears. Maybe not the best. But what can you do. Hopefully I get out of here soon cause I wanted to stop by the cancer store and see if they had any good summer hats. But I'd rather have the peanut butter so that takes priority.

This is how I feel right now

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