Monday, May 28, 2012

Whats new

So its been awhile and few fun things have been going on.  As an aside I've restarted writing this blog post now three times because it keeps deleting itself.  So hopefully it doesn't happen again.  This is what I get for trying to be technologically savvy.  NOT!

So I recently went to the Institute of Contemporary Art (ICA) down town.  It has an amazing location overlooking the harbor.

I figured out that I am much more a fan of contemporary painting then sculpture.  There was a number of strange little clay objects that I really didn't understand.  But the paintings were for the most part very cool.  Of course since it was a week I remember anyone's  So don't ask.

Or shall I say ...oops

I recently went hat free for the first time.  And the tornado is back

It mostly had to do with the fact it was really hot out and I was completely dressed wrong.  My bad.  But it was epic and I felt surprisingly un-naked.  So that was very exciting.  I am becoming much more comfortable with the look and now that it doesn't completely look freakish / sick person.  I'm totally more ok with it. 

Unfortunately its still the same color and probably not curly. OR at least not really curly cause I have no curl action left.    But whatever...just happy it came back.

But I think this will still be my look for at least a few more weeks.  Or maybe one. Its my new way to function.  One week at a time. 


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