Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Snippy Slippy shippy

I'm actually adding this to the top of the if it doesn't make sense, thats why.  I GOT CLEARED BY PLASTIC SURGERY!!!!!!!!   I'm so happy cause now I don't have to worry about it. I can listen to my body and do what feels good and not worry about ripping, tearing or moving things that need to stay...though I need to keep doing implant message. I know it sounds fun.  There is my side note

I had a little slip today.  I was doing good until I had to go do something kind of ikky.   Though it wasn't a big slip.  I had to go to whole foods to pick some stuff up.  And I really wanted...three chocolate bars.  But instead I opted for a single serving ben and jerrys.  I'm a huge fan of those mini ice cream cups.  Because it is a chance to get some sweets without being ridiculous.  And you can eat the whole thing.  Double bonus.

I also forgot to mention.  I found peanut butter...woot woot.  They fortunately had some of those little packs at the cafeteria.   So I got a few, and had two on the way back to work.  And two after my trip to whole foods.  I spaced them out because I knew I'd be having a late dinner, and didn't want to get super hungry.  As it is I'm pretty hungry and I have another hour til dinner.  Dang it.   It will taste really good when I have it.

In addition to the ice cream, I had some organic raspberries and a poland spring bubble water...raspberry favor.    I sort of love getting those berry  cartons and then just chowing down.  Its a perfect snack that you can get an any store.

Off to enjoy the end of Dr.  Quinn.  Super jealous.  I think you are.  

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