Sunday, February 19, 2012

Chocolate Sundays

Today was an awesome day so far.  I work up in my usual early as all get out fashion (aka 7:30)  Because I have to stay hydrated it makes staying asleep for really long periods of time difficult.  But I make it work.  I watched my netflicks, Something Borrowed.  Though the book was about 100 times better.

Then I got ready and had a lovely get together with my girl S. We went to Max Brenners.  Which means hello Mexican hot chocolate, diamond biscuits and chocolate licks. It was of course awesome to get out, and feel like a human for awhile.  Since I spend so much time at home these days any time I get to go out and be social with others, especially really good friends is always good and much appreciated.

After brunch we went on a hunt for earmuffs.  Unsuccessfully.  And went to Aveda to cash in on some free sample thingies I got.  Additionally I picked up this new hair stuff that they sell that's supposed to promote hair growth.  I figure I'll try it in a month and hey can't hurt right.  I would like to get from the cue ball to the "buzz" cut phase as quick as possible. Because once I have a full head of hair I could see myself rocking the really short look.  But not till then...except for at yoga.

The other exciting thing, thanks to S that I am now the owner of one of these 
and one of these
I will offically be the most fleecy person on the block.  Thank you S.  :)  I feel slightly silly to be excited but I am. And everyone should be jealous :)

Just kidding.  Don't care what others think but i am excited. 

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