Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Sucky monday

Grad school update
1 - waitlist (same as before)
5 - no's
2 - who the hell knows

so that was the news i came home to last night.  The last hold outs are georgia state and western carolina..so we will see what happens there.  At this point I am definitely getting a bit disheartened.  I mean duh.  Of course I am.  My mom did put it nicely last night before she took me and the oldie (grampy) to ihop.  She said you know if this "cloud" doesn't work you'll just find another cloud.  I'm not going to be able to explain it well but basically in terms of long terms goals there is always something else that you will be striving for and its like the clouds in the sky.  If you decide not to go for one, or one doesn't work out, another will eventually float your way and you can go for another one.  and she also brought up the point that after all the prep and school and stuff it would still turn into the 9-5 slog of it all alittle bit.  Of course the environment would be completely different then it is now.  But she does bring up a valid point that going to work is still going to work and you have to find the joy in life in the stuff around it.  Not in the work.  Which i do beleive because i don't want, and i don't think i am one of those people that defines myself by my career success.  I mean to be quiet honest i've never really felt all that sucessful at work  I mean i just do what i'm supposed to and then I go home.  So don't think thats going to change.

The only really frustrating part is of course that the decition is being dictated by what i did in college.  Its very unfortunate that things don't seem to take into consideration growth and maturity.  Like getting all A's would make you a better PT.  Its complete bull shit.  But whatever.  2 more to wait for...and its not over till the fat lady belts one :0)

In other news...i've been having the weirdest cravings lately.  Salty salty salty.  I've always been a more sweet then savory person until now.  Not that the sweets don't sound appealling but not nearly as much as the salty.  Very weird.    But in the spirit of giving my body everything that it wants and tells me it craves...pass the chips. :)

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