Saturday, February 18, 2012

Gangster workouts

I went to the gym today.  Woohoo!  I will say after over two months of not lifting the little tiny amount I did do made me actually very tired. I'm excited to get back to lifting even a small amount.  I want to find my muscles so to speak before going back to i don't become crippled or do myself permanent harm or something stupid.  

Today''s work out
15 min on arc trainer getting increasing resistance
20lbs biscep curls (set of 10)
10 body weight triceps dips
10lbs overhead presses (set of 10)
10lbs front raises (set of 10)
10lbs bent rows (set of 10)
a few core exercises
90lbs squats on machine
and then i tired this hamstring machine which involved sticking my butt in the air.  really fun and really good

Though this was one of the weenier workouts I've like ever done..i am totally tired.  The weirdest part was when I tired to do a push up.  Having plastic stuffed on top of your pectoral muscles means that any time they contract you feel sort of everything.  Its completely completely weird.  so lets just say push ups are off the table for the moment.  But it felt completely unnatural.  I think for now I will be just doing straight arm planks to get used to putting weight on my arms at all.  Will have to see how I feel tomorrow...but right now I'm tired :)

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