Friday, February 10, 2012

Seventy five percent.

Today marks the 75 % mark of my chemo journey. Can we cue handel. "for the lord god omnipotent rein-eth hallelujah hallelujah " I'm currently in the infusion room and things are going very good. Compared to the last two times it's been good. The pump is even behaving for now.
I'm also up to 240 cc. So the filling is coming to an end soon as well. I have cleavage. Although its sort of square. And just have to get alittle more. Then I'll have to schedule the swaparoo.. Woot woot. It's hard to remind myself that it's going to get ironed out when I get the other ones. Though looking at square is tough.
Well this week hasn't been bad. I've been in a pretty ok headspace. Compared to last Sunday. I'm coming to terms with the exhaustion which is tough since I was so active. That is supposed to be cumulative so I have to just come to grips with being tired for the next couple weeks. Also coming to grips with the hair coming out. Ma called me a peAch. I'm getting used to it but now that I really have a sick persons head it's a bit different. On a brighter note I still have some eyebrows. Which is awesome.

That's all for now. Here's my current view. Not so shabby

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