Saturday, February 11, 2012

Greetings from the bed

Hello from the bed. Another round done and over. Now my job is to ride out the symptoms again. Which are strangely enough different then the last time. Ma put it apply in that it seems to be a mix of the first and second time. The exhaustion is definitely worse and the nausea is definitely better then time 1 but worse then time 2. So go fire. It weird to be thinking that im chemically beating up my body and slowly feeling the effect. One more time. Just have to keep saying that, and then as I get better ill actually get better. Woot woot

In other news I did get the go ahead go start lifting again. Which is nice that I can "legally " lift something bigger the. A milk jug. It is a bit of a catch 22 cause I can lift but I have no energy so at least for the. Next couple days I wont be doing much of anything. I am determined to get to yoga this week. The benefit of it being within walking distance of my house :) we will see how it goes.

Next weekend is a three day weekend with no chemo so that is good.

Grad school updates
3 - no's
1 - wait list
4 - haven't heard squat

My biggest fear with all of this is the actions of my past (aka what I did,or didn't do at Rhodes ) will make the decision for me. After everything I want to be able to make the decision myself not have them all say sorry you cant come. I mean I'm in a completely different headspace now then I was a year ago. So im currently not even sure what I'm going to do , but I still want to decide. Totally different.

Anyways back to watching long way round :)

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