Monday, January 7, 2013

3_0 birthday recap

Today is my 30th birthday officially. Ok this post was started yesterday... Though the festivities have definitely started on Friday. It's been an interesting time and very retrospective because of what was going on last year. Lets just say this year is already looking up. Next week I will not be starting chemo, I did just have major surgery, I have boobs... It's all good. So 30 bring it on.

That being said let's recap what I have done this weekend. Friday night I went to the elephant walk with the parentals and the siblings. It's a Cambodian French fusion restaurant in Cambridge, well Boston too but we went to the Cambridge one. It was quite tasty. I had some sort of rice noodle stir fry. And some Mocha cake. It's always nice to go out with the whole fam because we don't do that nearly as often... And inevitably my brother ends up making fun of my parents in some way.. Which is always really funny. I've been kind of really sick lately so it was nice to have a low key night.

Saturday started with sleeping in. woohoo! I'm always appreciate when I have a chance to sleep in and my body actually lets me. I've had so much trouble with sleep for the last 6 months that it gets a bit frustrating when the body doesn't behave.

So anyways, I made myself a nice breakfast and got ready for my present to myself... A 90 min massage at pyara. It was awesome. I mean I love massages anyway, but a 90 min one was completely decadent and fabulous and I finished and sort of had this feeling of "I have to walk home now... Can't you just wheel me out on this bed" my feeling that is was completely worth the money.

Fun aside. My aunt found a bond purchased in 1987 for me in my grandfathers safe deposit box. It had almost doubled in value. How cool is that.

I got to relax for a bit before I met K and M for dinner at Grafton Street. It was quite tasty. I hadn't ever been there but I've passed by it a million times. I had salmon which was quite good. i definitely will go there again, possibly when i can drink adult beverages since they had what looked like a good menu... too many cold pills this night though.... After dinner we met my dad and sister to go to the donkey show. Ill include a web link because words can't describe. It was really fun and made me want to go dancing a little more often.

Sunday I slept in after K left for work. And met M, S and L for brunch at Max brenner. Holy chocolate as always. It was a really good time with good conversation and good food. I always like it when my friends from different walks of life can get along :) M drove me home and we chatted for a bit before I finished off the day with a trip to the parentals to have cake with the gramps. And spaghetti squash with mama.

The night was finished with the biggest loser premiere part 1


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