Tuesday, January 1, 2013

New Year's Day

Happy 2013 Everyone!!!
Today has been a good start to 2013. Very relaxing and rejuvenating.  Which I guess is a good way to start off the year.  Let me recap last nights festivities. 

I was in Providence with K, and we went to her cousin's party.  It was an interesting weekend because I have been kind of sick.  So between the recent snow storm in the north east and that I spent a lot of time in the car over the last 4 days.  So yesterday I actually spent the entire day driving to and from Boston to go to the Doctors....fun right?  I don't have pneumonia so that was good but it was definitely getting bad enough that I wanted a medical opinion.  Much to my mother's chagrin I did not stay in Boston on Sunday after having an extra day at the parental's on Saturday due to snow.  But I slept so badly on sunday night that I made the trek up to Boston to get some drugs...and I did :) so all was good.  I made it back to Providence with time to spare and headed over to the titanic themed new years party.  It was a lot of fun, though i was pretty not talkative because well too much talking and I'd just cough....so not really worth it.  But I had a good time regardless.  We rung in the new  year and then snuggled till the morning. 

I woke up to a lovely breakfast before I had to get back into the car and drive home.  Since theoretically I have to go to work tomorrow :(  I know sad right.  So i wanted to come back with enough time to rest and re-rejuvenate to have the best chance to go in tomorrow.  Not that I really care since we now have unlimited sick days.  It just looks really really bad to be sick after a 4 day weekend.  I did ask the doctor for a work note so at least I can have some proof if I get anything weird about it.  But we'll see in the morning.

Today has also given me the chance to reflect on 2012.   IT was admittedly kind of a shitty year for a great deal of it.  But in thinking about it the second half of the year was pretty damn good so I'm definitely feeling fortunate and I think my fortunes are looking up.

Recap in semi-chronolgical order
- Jan 13. 2012. - started chemotherapy (that was fun..and I post boned a week so that I wouldn't start on my birthday)
- End of Jan - port put in - first experience with Cardio dept
- Jan 30, 2012 - became Full time at Biogen Idec 
- Beginning of March - Finished Chemo - HURRAY
- End of March - Final Reconstruction completed  - Another HURRAY
-  JUNE 1st 2012 - moved to Cambridge !!!!
- First two weekends in JUNE - took Prana Power Yoga assistant training and LOVED IT
- Mid July - Went to Nashville to visit S and T
- Aug  - became full time assistant for A's hour of power yoga class...let the Friday night parties begin.  
- Mid Aug - Went on First Date with K
- Mid Aug - Went to Cirque du Soleil with S
- Sept 2nd 2012 - K asked me to go Steady :)
- Nov 24 - Dec 9 - trip to London , and Oslo - Awesometastic
- Dec 20th (ish ) - Nutcracker at Boston Ballet
- Dec 25 2012 - K and T first pj christmas party :)
- Dec 31 2012 - Sink 2012 NYE party

And that is all... Bring it on 2013....I'm ready for you.

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