Monday, January 14, 2013

New mantra

So the tone of the last few posts has probably made it VERY obvious that something is up.  I'm finally willing to say it out loud...cause it basically took me a day to realize it was real. 

I've been dumbed.  See everything makes sense now.  K broke up with me on Saturday...there is no mutal parting.  I feel a bit like a horse trampled me.  I'm working through it and should be thankful that it took until I was 30 before this sort of thing happened, but consequently I feel like I'm about 12...a fucking weepy mess.

I unfortunatly do not have the kind of job that allows my mind to be occupied all day with work things, so any tips to avoid weeping at work would be much appreciated.

I went to yoga yesterday, and cried, but in the mess I did think of a good mantra for myself...though currently I'm having trouble beleiving it. 

I am enough.

Simple and straight to the point.  Alright since I  am actually at work I should probably get off blogger and on LIMS. 

PS - eye make up was a bad idea

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