Monday, January 28, 2013

Cooking and painting

I had a really productive and fun Sunday.  I started because I got up kind of annouyingly early by making one of my meal preps for the week.

Paleo Chili
I actually haven't even tasted it yet so I hope its good.  It definitely looked and smelled promising.
Ingredients are
Ground Beef
Collard Greens
one hot pepper
Caned tomato puree for the broth
and i think that's  - i included some cracked pepper, spicy salt, paprika.

I hope I like it.

Once that got going I got ready for an AOPI Fundraiser thing at the Paint Bar in Newtonville. It was really fun to hang out with the girls and we got to paint.  Which the artsy part of me really liked.  And it was guided enough that it came out pretty good in my opinion.  It was sort of guided paint by numbers.  But the canvas was blank when I started and I did the whole thing myself.

I did get the mother of all hot flashes so thought i was going to pass out briefly.  That was fun.  I didn't bet it was unpleasant.  The only wasn't quick.  We were there for almost 3 hrs. But worth it I think.

When I finally got home I made my other meal prep for the week.  Pictured above.  Crustless paleo quiche.   It was taken from Paleo Comfort Foods cook book.  And this I did have this morning.  It was tasty.

all in all an excellent Sunday.

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