Sunday, January 13, 2013

Ahhh yoga

Oh yoga how do I love thee? 

I have been in an awful headspace for the last day that I knew I needed a yoga practice.  That is the great thing about yoga.  No matter how you feel it makes you feel better.  Its a different kind of better then crossfit because crossfit sort of has this angry component to it so you feel good after doing a WOD but not the same.  Yoga is this calm after which I definitely needed a knew could be achieved.  It was actually a pretty athletic practice, cause I managed to keep up for the whole class, which doesn't always happen but it was a very calm practice at the same time. 

Anyways I feel much better now and definitely think I'll be going to yoga more regularly.  Even if for the current time there is a lot of yoga crying combo.  Funny enough its really hard to get through the uggi breath when you are weeping cause at least my nose cloggs quite vigorously. 

In other news toying with getting a tattoo.  We'll see if that happens. 

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