Sunday, January 20, 2013

Getting better

So this has been a LONG ass week.  With every mixed emotions, some liquor, some ice cream and more tears then I've had in awhile.  I am doing much better though.  I definitely sort of reached my limit yesterday with the liquor and officially over did it.  Not ridiculously but since I'm such a freakish light weight it doesn't take much  to go over the edge.  I woke up today with a decent sized head ache.  So mission accomplished.  And now I feel like I'm good in that department for awhile.  Ironically I feel like the colonoscopy I'm having on Tuesday is really going to be a good reset of things.   And get me back on track.  And I know enough about nutrition to know that getting back on track will help the emotions as well.

So the last few days have been interesting.  I was able to get back to crossfit, which I think I mentioned on thursday so that was awesome.  I felt so good rocking the workout and realizing that hey...I'm good at Olympic weight lifting.  Who knew?

Friday was a blah day at work and I knew after the week of up and downs that I needed a lot of yoga.  So I took an extra class.  And the funny thing is...other then being COMPLETELY exhausted from being in the yoga studio from 5:15 to ~ 9:30.  I felt AWESOME.  So of my buddies from assistant training came to the later class so it was good to catch up with them.  I sort of love yoga.  Cause no matter what sort of place you're in there is always something for you.  I usually take a class before I assist because to put it helps get the antsys out.  But the class after was all about me.  I  love that yoga, if you let it, gives you the power to get into your body in a really physical yet emotional way.  It sort of never ceases to amaze me.  And the wonderful energy of the instructors of course doesn't hurt.  I love that its almost karmic.  When i go to yoga in a bad head space the teacher inevitably waxes on about EXACTLY what I need to hear.  Its always a similar message but sometimes you just need to hear it out loud.  And I am always thankful to have something that gives me that ability.

Saturday was also a wonderful day.  I'm making a point to try and stay relatively busy and out of the house....cause that also help with the emotions.  IF you're on the move then its harder to dwell.  Granted the thoughts are always there but its not so stagnant.  Anyways.   I digress.   I met my friend D, who writes at for coffee in Newton (or tea in my case).  I love chatting with her and her energy...helps that she is also a crossfit enthusiast as well.  

After that I made my way to the parentals...and out for a run.  I am getting back into the training, since I only have a month left.  YIKES!! I'm excited to go to disney but I'll sort of be happy when its over cause this end wrap up bit its sort of stressing me out. As much as I try to not let it.  I managed to get an hour in of out on the trails.  I wanted to do 5 miles but did ~4.5.  So not too bad. Still pretty freaking slow.  There was a lot of intervals and walking.  Which is definitely going to happen race day, but I'd like to get up so I can at least do the first half in a row.  We'll see.  I ended my run at prana in Newton...initially thinking I would just say hi to my friend K who was teaching. But then I decided to stay.  Once delivered a excellent time.  And she knew in whatever way that she needed to wax on about self love.  And letting go.  I left feeling refreshed and lighted and super glad I went....and SORE.  I love being sore :)

That night   I took my mom to the BSO for her birthday.  We saw the VERDI requiem.  Which was awesome.  It had a really good bassoon part.  Yes even if I don't play any more I'm still going to love the bassoon.   For those that are unfamiliar you may have heard this part of it. 

It was an excellent performance except symphony hall was FREAKISHLY HOT.  I was glad I didn't put the extra layer that I'd brought with me to my parents house on.  Cause I may have passed out.

The only downfall of the day was my mothers reaction when I told her about the breakup.  I sort of expected it but still wasn't that nice.  She's inching toward acceptance but not doing a great job with it.

Then i came home and had two glasses of wine....which is basically one and a half too many.  But whatever...Starting tuesday or technically monday...since i can't eat monday.  Back on the band wagon :)

Oh almost forgot ..... thinking about getting a tattoo...thoughts? 

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