Thursday, January 17, 2013

I know I know

Ok so I did something stupid. I fully admit it. I've also decided in doing this stupid thing I'm going to post videos occasionally. Though I can't do it on my phone. Ill have to get back to you, on that one.

It's been quite the day. I woke up in a funk. It didn't help that I went to bed a little tipsy. Help with the sleeping but I still woke up before my alarm ~5:30. When I was acupuncture yesterday the student mentioned that waking up at certain times of night could indicate a certain deficiency or something. But it definitely indicates something with different organs depending on when you wake up. Interesting right?

Anyway, I just woke up feeling icky mentally and just haven't wanted to get up this week. But anyway I did.

Again my breakfast made me nauseous. What the fuck. It's hard to know what's going on because I have so many GI issues and especially this week things have just been out of wack.

Oh another thing... Ok this is going to be an Add post... So I took a break and almost forgot where I was going. Just that when I told the acupuncture people that I thought I was getting sick and they I'd had an emotional week they just said " well that makes sense, your emotions are rising in your body and messing up the rest of your organs" I love Chinese medicine.

Anyways continuing on. Work was blah for the most part. I had a nice lunch outside of work with A and M. It was always nice to get away from the office. The main annoyance had to do with nstar shutting off the gas without warning. But it worked out and I had a good excuses to leave work a smig early so can't complain too much.

I had a nice relax at home... And felt pretty good at that point. Had dinner of Campbell's and treated myself to a flour cupcake. Ironically was not as impressed as the hype made me think.

Then I went to crossfit... Woohoo. It had been almost 3 weeks cause I was sick.

The strength was
5 rounds of
2 front sq and 1 split jerk. - I got up to 100.5lbs which was awesome and felt really good. I love exercise because it completely clears my brain and makes me feel really good. Unfortunately I feel yucky immediately upon leaving the gym . Not helped that I usually called K on the way home. It will be hard to not feel funny not doing that. But I'll get over it.

The metcon was
750 m row
40 over the bar burpees
ME thrusters

I didn't get to the thrusters but I did make it through all the burpees so yay me. Also I think I may get wrist wraps. The coach let me try hers and I really liked how they felt and you feel like a bad ass wearing them. So that's a bonus as well :) rogue fitness. Com here I come.

Now I'm enjoying project runway all stars season finale. And a glass of wine. I need to just Shut off my brain these days at the end of the day... Cause it's the worst when I am at home. So wine helps... Don't worry I'll cut myself off next week.. Just need to get some sleep... However I can.

Otherwise I will get sick.

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