Thursday, January 24, 2013

Nasty girls

As much as I want to be vindictive I can't make myself actually commit to being. It's actually ironic cause I want to wish people that are mean to me ill will but I really can't get any umph behind it. I don't consider myself a doormat, or at least way less of one then I used to be, but its still feels like I act that way. Which isn't good necessarily. But I guess it's not bad. I. Guess that means I don't hold a grudge... Which I don't... So good :)

In other news the colonoscopy went well. For those that have had them, it was uneventful, for those that haven't you aren't missing Anything! Trust me. Since then I've bed. Trying to get my system back on track. I initially wasn't really hungry. Maybe owed to the Zofrain that I got . But yesterday and someone today I've bed. Really munchie which isn't great. I did pretty good sticking to my guns, but had a little slip at CVS. I blame it on getting too hungry.

Acupuncture also helped realign things a bit but didn't help with sleep. Of the liter of water I had at 9 pm didn't help either. I really shouldn't try to hold it... It never ends well meaning I just don't sleep... The eye bags are epic today.

Two more days til the weekend

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