Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Huevos report

Today I had my appointment with the fertility department today to discuss some info about possibly of harvesting and freeze my eggs. And basically I decided not to do it.  That's the short answer.  

I realized in the VERY long discussion that there are some parts about being pregnant with my type of cancer that I'm not so sure I want to do. And that ~ 60% of women use a gestational carrier.  So that could happen as well. I really liked meeting with the dr because now I know that if I do decide I want biological children with whoever I end up with I know there are some choices to be had. Not the least of all is adoption. 

So you know. If that's in the cards great, and if not that's ok too. But for now I'm letting it lie and seeing what happens. And I feel good about it. It's scary to think about in the broad sense, but when you ask about the safety about being pregnant and you ge the medical version of a shoulder shrug, ummm yeh I need to rethink this.  

I want to live a long life and I have to do that knowing that I am prone to estrogen and progesterone receptor positive tumors. That's a fact. The rest has many paths cross, and I don't have to make a hard and fast rule now. 

And all this means that chemo starts on Friday. All I say about that is BRING it ON! 

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