Sunday, March 30, 2014

Chemo round 1 ^2


So it's all beginning again.  Or shall I say begun. Friday was the big day and fortunately nothing too crazy happened. I learned one valuable lesson. The decadron I have to take before is a steroid. So when I couldn't fall asleep the night before and then woke up at 4.... Literally 4. It wasn't all anxiety, which made me happy cause if I had to do that everytime i was not going to be thrilled. I mean I would managed but the fact that I don't have to do that.  So that's good. 

The morning was uneventful. I relaxed and got ready to get on the train. The train was crowed but I made it with 10 min to spare. 

That pretty much summed my inital feelings. So I made it up for my blood work. And then went to get a decaf coffee. Which was surprisingly good for hospital coffee cart.  

Ps - I get really bored 

I did some browsing in the cancer store. I mean I have to start thinking about hats, and meant with the nurse practitioner that works with my dr.   

I had a little time between my apt and my infusion so I went to healing garden.  It was windy but really nice. I'll definitely try to step out there next time if it's a nice day.  

The infusion went off without a hitch. Fortunately I liked my nurse, since I'll get the same one every time. And miss Kate came and kept me company for a bit.  It was nice to have some company for a bit to break up the solitary and quite. 

I made up a game too. It's call chemo asana game. 

Tree pose. A little wobbly bit still rocking it. 

Kate and I made it outside and my lovely yoga chauffeur Rae Ann whisked me to yoga to continue the rest of the evening. 

1 down 3 to go. 

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