Thursday, March 13, 2014

Armpits are itchy

Ok, so completely random title, but my arm pit has been tender for over a week and it's getting old.  

I was actually thinking about this recently that recovery from a big illness is maybe a little like childbirth. You have a vague sense of the recoop but not the specifics and the time line is completely off. I'll be the first to admit I had to talk myself out of going rock climbing on Tuesday when I realized on Monday I hadn't reached fully overhead yet. Oops. Yeh sort of need that ability to be intact to climb a wall, even not well... Which will probably be the care since I haven't got since 14feb14. But that can't be helped. So it's fine.... Ish. 

Most people know I'm sort of irritated when I can't do something myself. I mean this sort of has to do with the fact I don't like asking for help, but physical stuff really makes me made. Especially when it's stuff that I could do a short time ago.... Even if it's a good reason.  So on that realm I try to find the joy in small victories. And today I had one. It's always good to mobilize muscles after surgery in the shower... Warm water and all. So I've slowly been working toward reaching overhead with my right arm, which last week was not going to happen. And I can almost get my arm to my ear again without pain. I sort of think my sense of mobility is skewed, between yoga and crossfit. So for all I know I'm at normal mobility, but all I know is I'm close to my old normal... Which will be my new normal. Hopefully by next week I can hit the rock walls... My shoes need to get out of the back of my car. 

Another success that occurred this week was that I taught my second practice class at work. It was fun. I tried making a mix, completely not knowing what I was doing, but I think it helped zen up the auditorium a little bit. Ok, there is nothing zen about the auditorium... But we make it work. Also Because my work buddies are VERY new to yoga I actually have to do the class with them. Which is not setting we do at teacher training or at prana in general. I've been thinking about hitting up a beginning class to see how that's structured.  We'll see. We made it all the way through the part of the flow we've been working with and then when we got to the "new part"  starting with the floor series stuff I totally went in the wrong direction in a few cases but hey it worked. After doing locust a few times I don't remember where we went but we skipped camel, accidentally mostly... I dislike camel strongly. And ended up doing pigion in the wrong place... Oops. The really fun part was that as I was cueing it I sort of knew that it was "wrong" but I just said oh well and at least tried to transition between poses cleaning with some success. So it was a score. 

I'm constantly amazed when I try to teach and amazed by the power of my words.  The message is still I need to get more concise, but it keeps getting better. And teaching beginners is fun because they quite literally will do exactly what you say and do. Even when you come to hands and knees to try and watch them in chatturunga... It was very awesome. 

Tomorrow is another weekend of awesome. And a day off. Wooooot

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