Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Again. With the surgery

04march14 - 05march14. 

This slowly marked the beginning of cancer treatment round. I officially had scans of my entire body, including brain and bones, which came back clear. So other the tiny bebe that I found in my best things are looking good. 

Monday evening I took a vinyasa class at all one yoga with Katie. I knew I needed to get on my mat, because I pretty much felt crazy. I mean this procedure was significantly smaller than my previous ones, but surgery is still surgery and being reasonably distracted seems reasonable. And yoga helps with that. 

I didn't have to be at mass general until 1130, so it was nice to have a slow morning. I did a short practice before showering, then got ready to go. I even had time to do a little mediation. So that was good. 

My chariot came on the form of an Abby. And we were on the way. I was glad I changed my mind and had her come in with me.  Like any thing involving hospitals there was a fair amount of waiting and it was nice to have some good company.  I realized its nice to have people around, especially in the chance that there is waiting around. 

Our first stop was nuclear medicine, to turn me radioactive. Basically for a sentinel node biopsy they like to inject you with a tracer so they can see where the lymph nodes drain. So other than a shot, not a huge deal.  

After that we made our way over to the center for peri operative care. It was a great improvement since the last time. Very comfy. We waited a little and then I got called back. After some questions and changing Abby got called back and a quick goodbye. I was on my way.  On a side note, after I changed I hit the ladies room and confused the crap out of the nurses cause I wasn't there when they got back.  But I digress. 

So surgery went off without a hitch. Even though they switched to general anathesia at the last minute. Two little incisions and it was done. I got some time in the PACU and then post op. Mom picked me up and we made the way home. 

We sent dad to cvs to fill my perscriptions. And I relaxed and hydrated on the couch, until I completely passed out. 

Wednesday was a bit better. Still pretty groggy and realizing an incision under the armpit sort of sucks. I mean it's a good thing cause they'll be able to get even more a picture of the lymph nodes, since they look on out. But you don't really realize how much stretching is involved until they cut you there. Also my whole body is tense and sort, partially from yoga and possibly from the medical war that is being had on my body.  Either way not a fun time.  

Another day was spent relaxing at home, and too cute my dads coworkers sent flowers. Which is pretty awesome because I've never met them, at all. So that was very sweet.  

I decided to take tomorrow (Thursday ) off too cause I'm still pretty sore, so at least on more day to recoop. Now off to bed before eyeballs shut on their own. 

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  1. So glad to hear there were no complications with the surgery! Hope you're having a relaxing day today. Looking forward to seeing you back at Prana tomorrow