Sunday, March 2, 2014

Yoga teacher training wk 4

28feb14 - 02march14

It's been a hard couple of weeks, I mean of course. There isn't exactly anything all that rosy about finding out you have cancer again. Fortunately this weekend I had another great distraction. Yoga teacher training. Wk 4. The good thing about being busy all weekend is that there is little time to think, let alone feel sorry for yourself. And let's be honest, we know I do my best not to go there.  So yoga distract it is. 

Friday was eventful, sort of because I didn't have to go to work. So that's always fun.  I had a bone scan, which was super boring. But then I had a fun lunch with Erin from rowing, and got to hang out with ms Kate before we all headed over to yoga training.  Fridays are always fun because it's such a quick time, which is weird to say because it's still 3 hrs.  I also told everyone at teacher training about what was going on with me. So that was emotional, like no kidding, but I knew those people would. Be a very safe crowed to come out about that with. So it felt good to tell people and be honest about something that isnt rosy. The rest of the night was lots of yoga and lots of awesome. 

Saturday was a long long day because I started the day with a brain MRI at 715 in the morning. So I figured by the end of the day I'd be getting pretty emotional. Lack of sleep always makes me emotional.  But the scan was uneventful. 
The other trainees were so nice and made me 

And everyone signed it. Which was so sweet and made me feel really good. It feels amazing to know that there is a lot of people in my corner this time. And I'm going to be honest about it. 

Saturday brought some Sanskrit, some teaching and some presentations.  I actually really like the Sanskrit part of yoga, though when using the Sanskrit for poses some of them are quite the mouthful, but it's fun and I felt very offical saying Stuff. We'll see what I actually use... Right now I like anjaneasana... It's fun to say and sort of feels like it really goes with the pose. 

Sunday was all about meditation, and chakras. So it was a hard day, I mean meditation isn't something that comes naturally and it's not something that I'm used to doing so it's a different type of hard to teaching and all good, but I'm exsausted.  We also discussed the chakras, which are a little fluffy but kind of cool. I definitely want to do some more research on the subject. Mainly because some things make perfect sense, like if you have a blockage in one chakra you'll have certain symptoms. Basically a lot of that sort of thing thing fluffy seems oddly coquincental, so maybe there is something there. 

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