Sunday, March 9, 2014

Prana power yoga teacher training wk 5

07march14 - 09march14

This weekend officially marked the half way point of teacher training. It's so weird to think that I've been doing teacher training for over a month. It definitely doesn't feel like it, and it's been quite the ride.  I feel like I've realized a lot of stuff about myself, and I've started to notice a difference about how I want to relate to the world. It's pretty cool to think that even a slight shift makes a big difference overall. 

On a different note, other than recooping from surgery all week, I also gave up soda this week. Which was not super hard, but enough. Especially since I spent the majority of the week with the parentals which is also diet coke central. But it's been one week and counting. 

So teacher training came again, and I was a bit nervous cause I was still taking the good drugs up until Thursday. So I knew I was still pretty sore. So I was a bit concerned about if we had a practice heavy weekend. As it turns out we didn't so it all worked out. 

Friday we practice taught and I finally got to teach again. Thank god! I was starting to get really antsy about it because it had been about a month. So I really wanted to try and do it again. It went ok overall. The antsiness definitely came through, and I felt like I was extremely chatty while teaching. And apparently I mixed up chatturunga and uttcatasana, which I didn't notice until it was mentioned after. I need to work on letting my voice have some space. As a practitioner I like a quieter class so I think I want to try to get to a quieter point. It's all practice and I definitely need to focus on keeping it simple. That will be the way to go. 

Saturday brought a very long and in depth discussion in anatomy.  I like anatomy, it's very logical. I mean after two semesters of anatomy and physiology and one of exercise physiology I do know a few things. But it was interesting to think about it or start to think about it in relation to yoga poses. I mean we just started the discussion but it's extremely helpful to know how the body works and moves and I know it will help my teaching. The good thing is that I think it's less important to know the terminology but knowing how to discribe what body part does what in what pose will completely enhance my teaching. More studying will have to happen.  

Sunday we discussed the yoga sutras and pranayama.  I have heard some of the stuff about the sutras before but there where knew things as well. I really liked the concept of tapas, which is basically the act of creating discipline.  For right now I'll keep with no soda, until it comes easier, but the idea is always to be working on something that is hard and requires discipline.  It's pretty cool to think about, but I feel like more reading will help to clarify a few things. 

After we were done and bunch of us went to masa for drinks. It was fun to relax in a different setting and not have a five or ten minute period to chat. 

A quick trip to trader joes and relaxing at home. Another great weekend. 

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