Friday, December 28, 2012


Ok, boring title I know.  But whatever.  It was kind of a blah sort of day.  I had to go to work...which initially wasn't the plan but it was a blah day at work so not all bad.

I also got more invisaligns so i have 6 more pairs to get through.  I may get more but we'll see.  So my mouth is sore.  Its funny you forget if you don't get one for awhile but it was this moment of "oh yeh...this is what the tight ones feel like"  yay for shifty teeth.  At least I will have killer teeth after its all said and done :)

I went to Crossfit as well.  It was a deceptively hard work out.  But it was a good one and did suck as bad as I thought. 

Strength portion
Back squats 5 X 5 - the goal to end around 70% of your 1RM.  I ended at 130lbs.  Which is pretty good since my 1RM is 185lbs currently.  So i did it pretty much planned.

2 power snatches
4 hand stand push up
8 over the bar burpees

The last move definitely sucks the big one.  I just have visions of myself catching my toe on the bar and doing a mega face plant. But I managed not to do that.  I also managed 5 rounds and 7 reps.  Which is pretty good I think.  I did the power snatches with 45lb bar and the hand stand push ups on a short green box.   So not really hand stand...more like inclined push ups.  But i kept with the box even though about half way I wanted to transition to regular push ups.  I kept going.    The only think i don't know is how i stacked up with everyone else since the gym is switching to an online system of recording so i couldn't scope out the scores before we started.  But considering I averaged a round in a little over 2 min each thats not bad.  Especially since my over the bar burpees are really really REALLY slow.  I just tried to do all 8 without breaking.  And i did. 

All in all a great work out. I'm looking forward to my yoga nap today before assisting with A....assuming she made it back from Maine ok...with the impending blizzard and all :)

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