Thursday, December 27, 2012

Christmas Day

So I'm a couple days late... I know I know.  But i've been busy.  Like I previously posted christmas eve was pretty typical except my grandfather won the dinner game.  Which was awesome.  He also go to tired to come to church with us...for which my brother was quite ok with staying home with him. 

So Christmas Day. 

I woke up at a decent hour and got ready to head out.  I had to gather a number of things because I was making multiple stops.  I showered and then put on my new christmas pjs.  I'm not really a fan of clothes for christmas day...even if I have driving to do.  It makes it that much more relaxing. 

I got over to the Holm homestead around the pre-determined time, and once all the Holm's were gathered we did gifts and stockings.  Its always amuzing to me to see the receptical my mother uses for stockings...this year.  Target bags.  We are a classy bunch.  My grandfather sat with us for most of it, until he got tired.  And I did the passing out.  Which does involve throwing anything lightish at the recipients head ;)  Its really fun.  I got some fun stuff...shampoo and tooth paste.  Hey I use alot of toothpaste.  It  was a good haul.  I also ACED the giving this year.  Everyone liked their gifts from me.  Boo yeah.  I felt good, especially since I was excited about the gifts.  Its nice to know you're not completely off base.  The Holm family portion of the gifts ended up taking longer then excepted.  Which was great.  But after we were done I quitely slipped out to drive my butt to Providence. 

I had another engagement with my sweetie. 

I'm still not sure what sort of excuss was given but I am curious.  Since I only told one Aunt that I was leaving and did it quitely.  But I didn't think a million questions on Christmas morning was the time or place.  So I just left. 

The drive to Providence was uneventful.  And then i got to my sweet heart :)   I'm so thankful that I have someone extra special to spend the holiday with.  I had many bags since I was in charge... by my own design of christmas dinner.  Thank you Practical Paleo for suppling the recipies :)

We had :
Bacon Wrapped Chicken Thighs
Broc- cauliflower soup with Bacon garnish
Roasted brussel sproats and fennel
and Processco for some bubbly

(can you tell we like bacon )

The meal came out pretty good if I don't say so myself... i think the broc-cauliflower soup could have used more kick but otherwise excellent. And I only set the fire alarm off three times.

After dinner we did gifts and watched Miricle of 34th street...the new one.  It was a great. Christmas. 

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