Monday, December 3, 2012

Made it to the ice box

Ok, any guesses at how cold it is outside right now... Or was when I landed... Any takers. Ok it was -17c when I landed this morning in Oslo. Aka. Freekishly cold. But I've made it safe and sound.

The flight was uneventful, which was good. Except for it being full. Found my bags and made it through customs. It wa funny when the guy checked my passport cause he said hello in English and then saw my passport and said I think you speak alittle Norwegian right... In Norwegian. Which was two fold fun. Because of course I understood him and he bothered.

I took the flybussenexpress to meet L in Tasen. We connected easily and made it back to their place.

I've stayed at L and B's place before so it feels very familiar. Though I've never been here in the winter so it's a different experience.

We just hung out in the afternoon, and did things like have cocoa and these amazing buns with coconut and cream in the middle which are called something I definitely can't spell. And we went to the grocery store.

How we're relaxing in big sweaters in the Living room with a fire going. I may doze off since I've been up since 4, or technically 5 this time. But I'm tired. At least I'm warm for the moment.

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