Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Mini crossfit and blogging fail

So I had a bunch of stuff written down but because I didn't press publish it didn't save. Damn it.

Today I finally made it to crossfit Oslo. Of course the fail part was the fact that the class I though I signed up for was at 4pm not 2pm. Damn you military time. Fortunately the very nice Australian man I talked to let me do open gym.

It's always harder to motivate myself alone which is why I tend to go to the Wods but I did. And I did a bunch of different stuff including "grace" at almost rx... Since I have no idea how heavy the bar was. But it was likely between 35 and 45 kg total weight. In 11:45. So not bad. I could have definitely done it faster but like I said hard to motivate when you're alone.

Otherwise it was a very relaxing day. Took the dog for a walk, and now off to have a cousins evening with almost all the Oslo girl cousins... Or I guess in this family you have to specify... All the first cousins :)

Let the fun times roll

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