Sunday, December 9, 2012

Den siste dag

Hello from the flytoget...
I'm officially starting my journey home again which will end at 6pm EST. I'm trying not to think about the actual time it will take. Lets just leave it as long. After what was a surprisingly quick trip to Oslo, but excellent.

What did I do on my last day you ask? Well let me tell you.

It started nice and slow which I'm quite ok with. I had been pushing myself so much before the trip I definitely needed a reminder about taking it slow in the morning. I had some breakfast and tackled the suitcase. I was admittedly nervous and still am about the weight but I will soon figure out if its a problem. But anyway I don't think so.

After that L and B and I got ready to meet S and E at the julemarket. It was at the folk museum out on the island, well sort of an island, is Oslo. I say sort of because you can drive there. Whereas an official Island you can't.

It was a very cute market and fun to sweet folk museum all done up for Christmas. They had an apartment building there with apt from the different eras which was very cool because there were definitely a few that reminded me of my grandmothers old apartment. I also got a couple of nisen there to add to the collection of the family.

After we did the luggage pass off to S and E and we made our way over to R and c for dinner and I was spending the night there. It was really great to get another night with the cousins and we had a lovely meal... Reindeer oh yeh talk about Norwegian and talked a lot more. I also got to see my final Oslo aunt which was great. So I managed to see all the direct Oslo people in the 6 short days I was there. Mission accomplished.

We retired pretty early because I started today at 415. What is with me and early flights? Anyway, R very generously drove me down to the train station where I boarded the train to the airport.

Now I'm in heathrow waiting for my second of three flights to commence. It was an easy connection since my bag got checked all the way to Boston.... Yay!

Now just have to kill 2 hrs with a lot of chocolate and cheese strapped to my back :)

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