Monday, December 3, 2012

London last day

Well maybe this post should be Oslo first day since technically I am writing from heathrow airport waiting for my flight. But let me wrap up yesterday for good measure before I start the second leg of the trip.

I got up and went to crossfit central London again. It's a really nice facility for sure and it was good to experience their version of an hr long WOD. We did two 7 min AMRAP. One was cleans and box jumps and the other was front squats and shoulder to overhead. I did good and was definitely dead by the end. Success.

Then I went to meet A at the V and A museum of childhood. Basically it's a museum of toys, both old and new. How cool is that. I'm not particularly museums in general but I can get behind something like that.

After that we went to Kensington Gardens to walk around. It's a huge park and is where Kensington Palace is, which we sort of missed because the famous side doesn't face the park... Oops. It was in a really swanky neighborhood which was quite the difference from the lunch time walk through the less nice part of town (though that included a food fair... So totally worth it)

Once we made it through the park we walked down toward Bond St and did some shopping along the way. Hey, two girls together.... It was bound to happen.

Then we met F and went to dinner at this really nice pub near their house. And I got my fish and chips. Quite tasty :)

After that it was off to pack and fall into bed and now we've come full circle. Just waiting to board the plane so I can pass out for a bit

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