Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Delicate flower

I have begun to realize I am a delicate flower of a person. Mainly I mean in regards to health and more specifically digestively. But also sort of emotionally too. I mean I consider my self to be a pretty tough cookie but sometimes and depending on the topic I just melt with emotion.

Health wise I have a lot going on. I mean obviously. If you are reading this you sort of know that. But now that I'm back from vacation my body has sort of freaked out. Which I was expecting but still am annoyed by it. I mean two weeks of less the ideal eating has caused the heart burn and hot flashes to come back with a vengeance. I mean I don't think the hot flashes are back due to that, but it is due to the lack of acupuncture. Which is still hard. I mean three weeks off and my. Body is flipping out. See delicate flower.

Emotionally is a little different.  I consider myself to be generally stable and calm.  Which is something that i definitely strive to be.  The one thing I've always had to work on is sticking up for myself.  I tend to over compensate one way or the other, and then of course get myself into trouble.  That is not to say that my generally laid back demeanor isn't the truth which is it.  I'm talking about the times I have an opinion about what should be done and, especially when people don't agree.  I either say nothing and then hate myself or I explode and completely over react....both does not achieve the desired results...believe it or not.

Recently though I've been instituting a tactic which I think will serve me well.  I have a number of friends out there that I trust their opinions and their rational so lately I've been running my ideas by them to make sure they aren't too rash... and surprise, or maybe not they agreed...on multiple occurrences.  Go me.  The delicate flower is growing up into a slightly heartier fern.  Its good though to know that my emotional reaction to things in no longer completely off base. 

Woohoo.  Personal Growth :)

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