Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Epic crossfit fail

So I may sound like a bit of a broken record but its still freezing. I just looked up how cold it actually is in Fahrenheit and its probably been below 5F since I got here. Since -17c is 2F and -20c is -4F. The highest I've Seen is -10c which is 14F. But that was briefly in the middle of the day.

So what did I do today. I had a nice slow start to the day. Got up without an alarm and had a nice leisurely breakfast. L and I sat around for a bit and then took the dog for a walk.

When we got back and I got ready to go to crossfit. Which was great in theory because B was going to pick us up so I didn't have to walk... Woohoo. But of course I got dropped off at what we thought was the address and I could not found it. I circled around building until my ass quite literally was numb. And I had already missed the class.

Then I hopped the bus to Aker brygget. Which was a place I actually knew where was. I knew I would need to get inside, so I basically headed to a part of town I knew there was shopping places so I could get inside.

Once I got down there I puddle jumped my way around the shops and had a grand old time... Trying not to get too cold.

I then went to meet cousin I to get together. We had a lovely time getting coffee or in my case hot chocolate, and some dinner. I love coming to Norway because its so chill and family oriented. . Basically I spend the entire time making the rounds to family members and walking around the city. Though this time walking around might me walking around Oslo City (the big shopping mall in the center of Oslo) but anyway.

After we'd had dinner I got me on the right train and I made my way home. For so couch time with L and B before bed :)

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