Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Week of workouts

Ok. More like two days of workouts. It's been a big week at the gym. Monday we did our 20 rep max back squats again. And I do say again because I feel like it just happened. And i think it did but maybe a month ago.  The total work out is below.  I managed 128lbs.  Which is pretty good.  Though in thinking about it I may have gone heavier the previous time.  I was hesitant to go too heavy this time because i haven't been feeling that strong lately....thank you work plague... when everyone in your office comes in sick its bound to effect you eventually.  For the rest of the workout I used a 15lb (or maybe 12lb ) kettle bell.  Turkish get ups are ridiculously complicated and i did them ridiculously slowly...finished ways after everyone else.  Though funny I found out the next day that at least one person didn't finish it so YAY me for pushing through.

Tuesdays workout (listed below) was extremely complicated and even two days later i'm feeling it.  Which is the sign of a good workout.  Snatches are probably one of the most complicated movements in Crossfit so it was great to work on them.  But consiquently its easy to hurt yourself. less weight.  I maxed out around 60lbs..didn't write it down...shoot.  But I did #3 with 40lbs...around.  once again don't really remember.   It was a killer, and this is the kind of thing that my speed, or lack there off, really causes issues.  Because I would finish or almost finish the round when it was time to start the next one.  Killer.  But i made it and now I have a sore bumm....WOOOHOOO.

I decided to take the next two days off...well yesterday and today mainly due to scheduling but probably a good idea regardless.  We'll see how things are tomorrow for yoga time.

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