Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Morf wins the prize

Christmas eve was tiring this year.  Thanks to the emergency room visit yesterday so I just felt a little drugged all night.  Well I am drugged.  Thanks to the dayquil.  But anyway. 

The meat fest was its usual deliciousness and heavy as usual.  And akavit is still gross.  I had my usual one shot glass full.  It was gross and I managed to eek out 3 shots into the one glass.  But everything was good. 

The funniest thing that happened was with our usual game.  We always put an almond in the food and whoever gets it wins a prize.  This year we used these chocolate pudding cups. There were actually more cups then people so it was a guess of who would get the prize.  But off all people, morf got the almond.  It was pretty funny because we  all sort of saw it on his plate and then he wasn't paying attention and put it in his mouth.  Then just got wide eyed and said "oh wait I got it"  it was hilarious. 

After dinner we did the dancing and gifts.  And went to church. 

Merry Christmas eve.

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