Friday, December 7, 2012

One year ago today

One year ago today I woke up really early, I want to say 5 in the morning, drove to the hospital to have a bi-lateral mastectomy that kept me in the hospital for 2 days and I came out with no chest.

Today was a bit different. I woke up in a very comfortable bed in my cousins house in Oslo Norway. I got some clothes on, had a nice breakfast and got out the door to take the train to crossfit Oslo for one more workout.

The workout today was 5 rounds of
3 power cleans
3 front squats
3 push jerks
I used a bar with 30kg on it. Not super heavy but enough. I'm not great at jerks so I wanted to make sure to go light enough to have good form the entire time. Which I think I did :)

After the workout I changed and went down to Oslo center to do some shopping. I always, as certain relatives have put it, have a weird shopping list when I come and this was no different . I had to buy silver flatware for the family. Which isn't really weird or anything but still kind of special. So I wanted to get that out of the way first before I did anything else.

I pretty much just walked around the rest of the time downtown, got some lunch., and enjoyed being appropriately attired. I wasn't freezing so it wasn't too bad walking around for a bit. I popped into a few shops too.

The. I went to meet L, B, H and my final unseen cousin S for dinner and we were going to a Christmas show. It was great to catch up with S because of course she ha missed the cousins evening a few nights ago.

After dinner we went to a boys choir concert at Frogner kirken. The choir came from the famous church in Trondheim and apparently has been around for 900 years. Which is pretty cool to. There was also a really famous violin player, who's name of course escapes me. But they sang and played some good song ( intermettzo from cavliara rusticana, handels hallelujah chorus) and at the end of the show they had a sing along of delig er Jordan... Which was sing at Christmas at the Holm house. So that was fun too.

And now we're just relaxing a bit before going to cuddle down in the comfy bed again. :)

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