Thursday, December 6, 2012

Oslo Thursday

Today was a pretty basic day. First I finally made it to a Wod at crossfit Oslo. It was wicked fun and ironically almost the entire thing was conducted in English. Both of the coaches I've met at crossfit Oslo have been British and Australian so not native speakers. The one today heard me attempt Norsk and immediately answered in English. I mean it was nice because we did snatches and muscle ups. Both things that I don't know well so lots of instruction was a good thing.

The workout
2-2-2 heavy dead lifts with snatch grip.
"Amanda" 9-7-5 of snatches and muscle ups - in about 15 min

So the dead lifts were not a problem. We had done those at crossfit Boston a bunch of times so no biggie. I hadn't don't snatches in a year so that was tricky. I ended up only using the bar 15kg. Which was a bit light but even going up to 20kg was causing my form to go to shit. So wawa.. Light it was. And it was hard enough. We did a nice cool down too, which was a good thing so I can probably go tomorrow without being too sore.

After that we went to S and A. One of my uncle aunt combos. Actually yet are two out of three of my uncle aunts in Oslo. I think I'll be seeing the third on Saturday. We just had alittle lunch and tea and chatted for awhile. My Norwegian skills have definitely gotten worse since my summer school times but I can follow the conversation decently... Enough that I'm not completely lost most of the time, when only one person is talking. It's definitely ways harder when there is a lot of people talking.

After we left S and A I got dropped at the train to go for a walk down town / shop. In typical me fashion though I couldn't really see much I wanted. I went to the mall, Oslo city, and the Christmas outdoor market at Karl Johan's gate. It was fun to walk around and any outdoor market that sells liqueur is ok by me. I didn't drink but still felt very Christmassy.

And now I'm on the train back to Ls to warm up and have some dinner :) another great day in Oslo.

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