Monday, December 24, 2012

Wanted and unwanted

Pre warning - this may be a bit whinny so just to warn you.

So this has been a good and bad week. I'm writing this on Christmas Eve while waiting for the dinner festivities to commence. Should be fun and I'm excited to eat some tasty food. My dad is making the ribs with bacon and potatoes as usual. The main difference with this year is the lack of rice pudding to start the meal. We always play a game at the beginning by hiding an almond. But this year we're doing it for pudding dessert. We'll see who wins... Almost never is it me.

I'm a little subdued this year for a variety of reasons. The least of which is that I was in the emergency room last night. I don't need to go too into detail about why I went but I not have internal hemoriods ... Woohoo! Lucky me. So at least it wasn't anything too serious... Though I need to follow up with GI to be sure. That will be a project for next year and unlimited sick days... Since I'm currently scrapping the barrel to get any time off anyway.

The other reason I'm subdued is that I don't have my sweet heart here. Things transpired with my family that made it so shes not here... By no fault of my own, but I still wish I had company sprawled out on the couch next to me.

Lets continue to back track though.

Yesterday was fun two different reasons. I went to the trans-Siberian orchestra with my cousins and I met Ks family. The orchestra was interesting and way cool. There was this story telling component that was odd but the music itself was awesome. And I had so much fun meeting Ks family. They were so warm and inviting it made it a lot easier.

Back tracking once more... We went to the nutcracker, which was awesome.

The family is starting to arrive so I'm off :)

Picture is me and Sister at trans Siberian orchestra

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